First of all, it’s not a geopolitical beauty contest… We all need to put our competitive egos aside and recognize that we are racing against viruses, variants, and vaccines. It’snotagift, it’s a global responsibility” – BBC Newsnight


 20 May 2021

The moral, mortal danger of “vaccine apartheid” – Amanpour


19 May 2021

Pandemic Gives Africa A Chance To Free Itself From Aid Dependency – Financial Times


17 May 2021

COVID is a global humanitarian emergency–act like itThe New Humanitarian


13 May 2021

Waiving vaccine patents is a powerful signal of intent, but won’t be enough to stop Covid-19’s march – The Telegraph


12 May 2021

Dr. Ayoade Alakija discusses vaccine distribution in Africa-Amanpour & Co


8 March 2021