As the Alliance’s lead on communications and partnerships, Maaza oversees the conceptualization, execution, delivery, and distribution of the Alliance’s podcast series which seeks to provide a platform for South African and international researchers, advocates, and thought leaders to engage in thought-provoking conversations on COVID-19, science, and a wide range of other related issues that will be of interest to a diverse audience. The podcast series aims to ask good questions, provide accurate information, make connections between different regions of the world, and highlight how interdependent we are in terms of our challenges and solutions.


Maaza also leads the production of the Alliance’s Beta Chronicles. Named after the subcategory of coronavirus, the Beta Chronicles position papers are status, progress, and advocacy narratives that provide high-level commentary on a range of issues related to health advocacy.


A lifelong activist, whose first job was door to door fundraising for a grassroots environmental campaign, Maaza brings a wealth of experience to the Alliance. A passionate pan-Africanist, she loves Abidjan’s vibe, Bamako’s friendliness, Dakar’s music, Johannesburg’s sky, and Mombasa’s views. She can’t say no to an excellent Senegalese thiéboudiène and loves the South African slang phrase “Eish!”.


In her free time – when she is not walking her puppy, listening to podcasts, or watching Premier League football – Maaza is always busy chipping away at patriarchy.