Opinion Pieces

Pandemics and plans: Why South Africa needs to reimagine its HIV strategy
1st December 2020

Although new HIV infection sfeel by an impressive percentage between 2010 and 2019,the COVID-19pandemic has led to setbacks. Some of these setbacks include a reduction in HIV medication and HIV viral load testing. As a result, South Africa needs to startthinking about how it can re-imagine the futureof its responses.

SA’s latest COVID-19 vaccine trial crucial for future access

9th November 2020

South Africa’s newest COVID-19 vaccine trial is another crucial step in ensuring a future vaccine works for South Africans and should be commended. South African scientists’ leading role in COVID-19 vaccine research takes us a step closer in ensuring that history doesn’t repeat itself in this pandemic

South Africa has launched a third COVID-19 vaccine trial. Here’s what you need to know
1st November 2020

South Africa is set to begin a new research study to see if an experimental vaccine can prevent COVID-19 or reduce the risk of serious symptoms. Science is moving fast to try to contain the pandemic, but it should not and cannot afford to leave communities behind.

The Desmond Tutu Health Foundation, the South African Medical Research Council and pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson launched the Ensemble study today. The clinical research trial features an experimental COVID-19 vaccine that scientists hope will protect people from becoming infected with the new coronavirus or developing serious COVID-19 disease.

Who would you trust to watch as the world decides who does — and doesn’t — get a COVID-19 vaccine?

1st October 2020

The World Health Organization and international donors have created a body to make sure poor countries get their fair share of a COVID-19 vaccine — when it comes. But who will be watching as the world’s leaders and scientists decide who gets and who goes without?  The globe’s best hope for an accountable and transparent process can’t be left to chance. It also can’t be left solely to government officials and donors

Advocates Statement on Standard of Care in COVID-19 Research

5th June 2020

Statement issued by the Universal Access to Personal Protective Equipment Platform for Health Care Workers, The Vaccine Advocacy Resource GroupCOVID-19 Front[1]The Treatment Action CampaignWACI Health, the New HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society (NHVMAS) and JARID International. The concerns raised in this letter have also been brought to the attention of the leadership of DENOSA, the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa.