People’s Vaccine Alliance

The People’s Vaccine Alliance is a global movement of organisations, world leaders and activists united under a common aim of campaigning for a “people’s vaccine” for COVID-19 that is based on shared knowledge and is freely available to everyone everywhere. The People’s Vaccine Alliance is supported by over 2 million activists worldwide and 175 former world leaders and Nobel prize winning scientists.


The African Alliance chairs the African work of the People’s Vaccine Alliance. We are dismayed by the tone-deaf celebration of “a return to normal” in the Global North while much of the world faces vaccine apartheid with billions of people unprotected and at continued threat of illness and death. On our continent, as vaccine rollout lags, hundreds of millions of people also continue to face devastating economic and social impacts that will linger and worsen as the pandemic, in some countries, rolls into a third wave. We join with our collaborators, comrades and partners all over the world to advocate for more equitable global distribution of vaccines (and other COVID-19 products) by applying pressure on governments and companies in the Global North and as well as our own African leaders.


The African Alliance is holding monthly African civil society meetings to discuss advocacy opportunities for a people’s vaccine and to plan effective localized strategies. It is critical that African voices be incorporated in the global strategy for a people’s vaccine. These monthly meetings (held on the last Thursday of every month) are open to all African civil society organizations and their allies.


To read the People’s Vaccine Alliance Policy Manifesto, please click here.


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Date of Meeting: 27 MAY 2021


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Date of Meeting: 30 April 2021


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DR Mohga Kamal- Yanni & Lois Chingandu

Date of Webinar: 11 March 2021