The SAMRC partially funds the COVID-19 work of the African Alliance. The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) was established in 1969 with a mandate to improve the health of the country’s population, through research, development and technology transfer, so that people can enjoy a better quality of life. Visit Site

The Department of Science and Innovation partially funds the COVID-19 work of the African Alliance and seeks to boost socio-economic development in South Africa through research and innovation. To achieve its goals, the Department provides leadership, an enabling environment, and resources for science, technology and innovation. Visit Site

A strategic programming and advocacy partner of the African Alliance, the VARG is an independent group of global activists who work for accountable, transparent and community-owned vaccine research. Visit Site

TAC is a key partner in the African Alliances’ COVID-19 Conversation Webinar. The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) was founded in December 1998 to campaign for access to AIDS treatment. It is widely acknowledged as one of the most important civil society organisations active on AIDS in the developing world. Visit Site

The Community Constituency Covid-19 Front was established as a formal advisory body to facilitate the participation of civil society sectors and networks, including those represented in the national response and implementations of Community-Based Measures in response to the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). Visit Site

Norwegian Peoples AID partially funds the African Alliances COVID-19 accountability and engagement work. Norwegian People’s Aid is a politically independent membership-based organisation working in Norway and in more than 30 countries around the world. Founded in 1939 as the labour movement’s humanitarian solidarity organisation, NPA aims to improve people’s living conditions and to create a democratic, just, and safe society. NPA’s international work covers three core areas: Mine Action and disarmament, Development and Humanitarian relief aid. Visit Site

hji is a key strategic advocacy and policy partner of the African Alliance. Hij is a dedicated public health and law initiative addressing the intersection between racial and gender inequality with a special focus on access to life-saving diagnostics, treatment, and vaccines for COVID-19, TB, and HIV, drawing on the expertise of researchers in law, public policy, economics, and public health, as well as on universities and scientific experts in and outside of South Africa. Visit Site